Statistical Consulting

Power Stats can provide support in the following areas:
  • Business intelligence
  • Analysis of customer, employee and sales data
  • Sales and demand forecasting
  • Design and analysis of industrial experiments
  • Analysis of industrial and scientific data
  • Data analysis for academic researchers and students
  • Statistical support for market researchers
  • Survey development and analysis
  • Biostatistics and health care data analysis (please check our Biostatistics page for further details)

If your area of enquiry is not listed above, please contact us. Chances are that we may be able to assist as well.

Our deliverables include summaries describing the methodologies and analytic techniques used. We describe the analysis without heavy reliance on formulas and complex mathematics. However, our clients can be re-assured that Power Stats uses ‘state of the science’ methodologies.

We focus on what we consider to be the important elements of modern statistical analysis and translating these analyses into understandable conclusions and actionable advice.