Biostatistics and Health Care Research

In this data-centric era, statistics has become an essential tool for processing information in public health and medical research.

Understanding both the implications and limitations of the results from such research is essential for making informed treatment decisions, public health practice protocols and policy recommendations.

Power Stats has the expertise to help medical researchers to draw conclusions about populations or scientific truths from data using a practical approach that gets things done.

More specifically, Power Stats can help with the design, analysis and interpretation of observational studies (e.g. cross sectional studies) and Intervention studies (Randomised Clinical Trials).

With clients all over Australia, we have helped Health Care Practitioners and Researchers analyse and publish hundreds of studies since 2002. We tailor our solutions to whatever stage your project may be at.

Design stage
  • Study methodology and design (Retrospective Studies and Randomised Clinical trials)
  • Optimal sample size calculations and power analysis
  • Random allocation of respondents to groups
Data collection stage
  • Programming and launch of online surveys
  • Programming of surveys and off-line data collection forms for iOS and Android devices
Analysis Stage
  • Comparison of groups using parametric or non-parametric tests
  • Survival analysis and life tables including Kaplan-Meier and log rank tests
  • Cox regression (multivariate survival analysis)
  • Receiver Operating Curve analysis (ROC)
  • Many other types of statistical analyses including logistic regression, ANOVA, etc.
Report Submission stage
  • Review statistical reporting of results before submission
  • Additional statistical analysis or fine tuning of existing analyses based on reviewer feedback

Our clients are health care companies and health care practitioners including GPs, specialists and doctors conducting research as part of their training.

Our deliverables include summaries describing the methodologies and analytic techniques used. We describe the analysis without heavy reliance on formulas and complex mathematics. However, our clients can be re-assured that Power Stats uses ‘state of the science’ methodologies.