Marketing Analytics

In this area, the technical demands of the analyses and our advanced statistics background form a natural pairing.

Over the years, we have developed specific expertise in the areas of:
  • Pricing research
  • Behavioural segmentation
  • Modelling of choice behaviour
  • Demand forecasting using ARIMA modelling
  • Advertising campaign assessment using time series analysis
  • Attribution modelling (digital and cross channel attribution using Statistically Inferred Attribution)
  • Media and marketing mix modelling
  • Marketing strategy assessment using Interrupted Time Series Analysis

Many of these techniques can be conducted with data held internally by the client, but in some cases, market research data is required.

In those cases, we can conduct any necessary preliminary research to assess the market landscape, design the study, collect the data (we have access to a number of consumer panels and ‘state-of-the-science’ online survey software), use advanced statistics to analyse the data and provide a comprehensive report.

Moreover, we believe that true insights come from consolidating data from various sources. As statisticians, this is where we can offer real value.

Our aim is always to go that one step further to extract maximum value for our client’s business.